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Feel like you have no time for training?

My intensive workshops are the perfect solution.

They can also be delivered virtually if teams are working in different locations,

or from home

Improved Business Results


My philosophy is to be "to-the-point" i.e. as clear and simple as possible without being simplistic, so that my content is easy to understand and remember


I strive to turn theory into recommendations on practical actions so that my training will have an immediate impact


I will customise my training for your business context and challenges, to maximise its relevance and value

Key Topics


  • Developing Winning Brand Plans

  • Writing Inspiring Briefs & Evaluating Creative Proposals

  • Shopper Marketing & Developing Retail Promotions

  • Brilliant Launch Management

  • Driving Brand Growth without Product Innovation

  • Insight & Concept Development

  • Creativity & Idea Generation

All now



Management Skill Accelerators


Now offering 1-hour virtual "Know & Go" sessions to help your managers improve their leadership skills

Coaching for Performance​​​

  • A key enabler of effective delegation

  • Covers mindset, preparation and techniques for effective conversations and follow up

Tough Conversations

  • How to deliver unwelcome news (e.g. about poor performance) more effectively

  • Covers structure of conversations, what to avoid, and how to deal with reactions

Effective Delegation

  • How to empower teams and hold teams accountable

  • Covers the different barriers to execution and tactics to overcome these


Latest and best-practice content

Time efficient; short and sharp

Builds vital long-term skills

Contains practical exercises


Platform of your choice

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